Holy hell! Snake!added Fri Sep 23 06:22:55 2016 ago by admin in: roadcam | Location: Australia | views: 10

Driving down the highway when a snake popped up.

No snakes were harmed in this video, snake was off and happy back into nature.

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admin admin. Sep-23-2016


admin admin. Dec-5-2016


Vograd admin. Nov-9-2016

just stop the fucking car muppets

shizo admin. Nov-14-2016

Fucking retarded driver should have pulled over and free the poor animal... what a Joke of a Men

IMWally admin. Nov-16-2016

Where do they keep the water buffalo?

admin IMWally. Dec-5-2016


zarco admin. Dec-25-2016

I like the fucking snake

Poketroid admin. Jan-16-2017

wacky inflatable tube man!!!!

Angryman admin. Jan-20-2017

Lol "babe shut the fuck up, I'm driving"



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