Bus Carrying 20 Children Runs Red Ploughs Into Caradded Fri Sep 23 05:31:17 2016 ago by admin in: roadcam | views: 14

Dash Cam footage captures the horrifying moment a bus driver on a school run ploughs into a womans car after running a red light. The bus driver has avoided a driving ban after causing a crash by driving through a red traffic light. 21-year-old Philip Onions was fined £147 and ordered to pay £85 costs.He had more than 20 pupils on board at the time.

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admin admin. Sep-23-2016

Lucky that everyone survived

Geek1957 admin. Apr-19-2017

...........proving it's best to look both ways before you enter any intersection.....red....green or amber.

If we could see the bus on the left view of the dash cam, the driver certainly could.



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